Tazewell VA Relaxation Techniques | Therapeutic Touch | PTSD
Disclaimer: EFT is not meant as a substitute for seeking professional medical assistance. You are strongly encouraged to use EFT in order to collaborate more effectively with your health care providers.
                                        Life doesn't always line up with how we think it should be;                                          feelings of frustration, lack of fulfillment, or lack of clarity can keep                                     us from manifesting the opportunities in our work and relationships                                     we truly desire. If you feel like you are going in circles, have chronic pain or illness that doesn't seem to make sense or have a cause, it's really more than OK to ask for help. If you are going through a rough transitional period and would like to gain clarity, and sort things out with an unbiased, yet caring professional, we are more than happy to share with you our knowledge and experience of EFT and other stress relieving techniques. Emotional Freedom Technique is an extraordinary tool that gives amazing relief to those who suffer from symptoms of PTSD, whether brought on by combat or physical, mental or sexual abuse; chronic pain; emotional eating; addiction or anxiety, we, at Sweet Medicine, would love to help facilitate your return to balance and harmony. 

      One of the things we hope you will achieve on your journey is the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are free to be (whoever and whatever you desire.) We are delighted to be of service.  Call us at 276-988-9622 us to schedule a free consultation.                    
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