I went home and made coffee, knowing that although I was fairly calm this trauma would have to be dealt with. Carol and her mother came in to talk while the red lights whirled around us. I had been working with my EFT Practitioner, Pawnee Jewell, over the past year. We had great success, so I used what I learned from her to try and diffuse the trauma with Carol and her mother.
    After they went home, I went to wash up and the tears came. I called Pawnee and told her I was in trouble. She led me through all aspects of the incident. I tapped and I cried. The horror of the situation had come through. Pawnee had me tell her the story and how I felt while we tapped. On the fourth telling, I was able to tell it without being upset.
    Pawnee explained there might be residual effects that manifest themselves for days or even weeks later. I experienced complete release from the trauma after only one session. Each time she checked in with me, I was happy to report no ill effects. There were no nightmares, no aftershocks. We got it all out. Thanks to Pawnee and EFT I never have to be crushed by emotions. I have a simple, effective tool right at my fingertips.

Peggy Herbert
Belfast, VA

Peggy's Story  cont'd