Pawnee, considers self-discovery the last great frontier. Learning to forgive; to love and accept oneself are great personal gifts and an enlightened way to model to others. She brings to her work knowledge gained through 'compassionate detachment'; the principles of Tai Chi, and The Warrior's Way. Pawnee is committed to helping people overcome the blocks and obstacles limiting their performance and/or compromising healthy relationships and a happy, healthy life.

      James Dwight Hale, also an EFT practitioner, specializes in war trauma, sexual, physical, and religious abuse. James Dwight, is a Viet Nam War Veteran who knows first hand the fabulous results obtained from using EFT for trauma. He is also a singer/songwriter; and coaches performers.
Pawnee Jewell & James Dwight Hale are Advanced EFT-Practitioners ready to help you through private, confidential, one on one sessions, a group setting, or training for your group or organization. 
EFT is not meant as a substitute for Allopathic Medicine. We are personal performance and life coaches who feel EFT is a marvelous tool that can be used in conjunction with more traditional methods.
Pawnee Jewell        276-988-9622

James Dwight Hale  276-345-8180

          Pawnee  and James have spent the last 40 years working in various artistic disciplines; music, theater, film, fine art, publishing and performance. As artists they have an intuitive approach to helping you discover what is blocking your success and have great passion and excitement about these techniques and the results obtained both personally and professionally.

The first session usually lasts 1-2 hours and is $90.00. Subsequent sessions usually last 1 hour and are $75.00.. 

Pawnee Jewell