I am writing this testimonial to express my deepest gratitude to Pawnee, and to encourage anyone looking for an EFT practitioner to not hesitate for even a moment: dive right in here, because you will definitely find the help you are looking for.

I was searching for an EFT practitioner to help me with an acute problem I was having due to an injury I'd recently sustained; I already knew that there were all kinds of layers, underneath the apparent physical problem, which had to be worked through, and needed someone who could cut through to those deeper levels quickly and effectively. She turned out to be all that and more - I can't say enough about her!

I am a person frequently dominated by my left brain, and therefore have some need for "proof" of things that are beyond the five senses, such as intuition, which is one of Pawnee's many gifts. I got my "proof" within the first few minutes of speaking with her: she asked me my name and birthdate so that she could get a better sense of me, and when I told her, she immediately expressed some hesitation, asking if I had ever gone by another name. The fact is that I was born into another culture, and so the name I go by is the American version of my original name given to me by my parents; it is worth noting that I speak English with absolutely no trace of foreign accent or turns of phrase, so there's no way she could have known otherwise - to me, that was pretty darned impressive!

I could tell by the things she was saying that she really got where I was coming from - she is very astute, perceptive, and intelligent - doesn't miss a beat, and really knows how to dig deep and get to the heart of things. She also has an insightful and sharp sense of humor; she would often come up with some very funny and witty comments that caught me off guard, within the serious context of the work we were doing, and made me laugh out loud.

She was incredibly kind and compassionate, never lost patience with me, even as we went round and round, me putting up barriers just as she was getting close to finding a way in; yet she never gave up on me, never judged me for my stubbornness or resistance, or for the fact that I often didn't do the little homework assignments she gave me between sessions. She always held a light up for me even as I stumbled around, angry and frustrated in my self-imposed darkness; she always treated me with kindness and respect, and held in her heart the truth about me when I didn't have the strength to hold it for myself. She always went the extra mile, even wrote me e-mails with additional insights and suggestions. I could tell from everything she said and did that she really wanted to help me. And so she did.

As I told her at the end of our series of sessions, there were not words adequate to express what I felt about her and how much she had helped me; she is a remarkable, wonderful human being, with tremendous insight and an enormous heart, and anyone who crosses paths with her should consider themselves lucky.

E.K., Portland Oregon