How EFT changed my life

I can’t give higher kudos to EFT and Sweet Medicine.

This past spring I was at my wits end.  Midlife had hit me head on and I didn’t know how much more I could handle and still keep it together.  My marriage was on the rocks, my oldest son had died 4 years ago, my teenage daughter was giving us problems and I still had 2 younger children at home who really needed me.  I knew I needed help, but finding the right help was holding me back.

Well, EFT was the answer.  My cup was full of 45 years of “crap” and I was at the point when something little happened, I would go over the edge….you can imagine what the big things did to me.  My anxiety attacks were bad and I was a mess.

EFT helped me to unload a whole lot of my old baggage I had been carrying around.  Stuff that was eating me up, making me depressed, angry and kept going around in my head like a broken recording.

At first I wasn’t sure about doing it over the phone and not being right there with the therapist.  But after the first session, I realized working over the phone was GREAT.  I didn’t have to rush off and drive to an appointment, fight traffic and get more anxious.  I just found “’my spot” in my home and sat down for my session.  My husband also did EFT and he had his sessions in his office or at a quiet spot at a park in his car. 

Not only did EFT help me to unload old baggage, but also now I have a tool, a way to help myself when I get into a rut.  I can tap myself and work thru my issues on my own.  And when an issue arises that I can’t work thru on my own, I can call Jaydee or Pawnee and they work me thru it.

I am so much happier now.  I can genuinely laugh now and enjoy life.  My heart feels so much lighter, my anxiety attacks are gone, I have more patience for my husband and I am enjoying my children so much more.  

Life is so much more enjoyable and I have to thank Jaydee, Pawnee and EFT for this wonderful turn around in my life.

from Virginia

Peggy's Story

Two weeks before Christmas of 2007, I was sitting comfortably, reading a book. It was 10:30 PM when my friend Carol began pounding on my door, yelling, “Call 911!” I ran to the door with phone in hand. She said our neighbor Freddy’s home was on fire and feared he was inside. I called 911 and we ran to Freddy’s back door. Our landlord had no luck with his key, so I broke the door window with a brick. We still could not reach the lock. Carol and I ran to the front door, where I used my body to break open the door. It only opened about two feet. The room was full of smoke and flame. I dropped to my knees, reached around the door and felt his body up against it. He was moaning but try as I might, I could not get a grip on him. The heat and smoke forced us back.
     By this time other neighbors arrived. Carol’s mother was hysterical. Another man tried to get to Freddy, with no luck. When the firemen arrived, I sent them to the front door. Even with an axe, they were unable to extricate Freddy. It took the pumper truck ten minutes to get the water flowing to the hoses. That’s when I knew Freddy would die. I could not save him.
I am writing this testimonial to express my deepest gratitude to Pawnee, and to encourage anyone looking for an EFT practitioner to not hesitate for even a moment: dive right in here, because you will definitely find the help you are looking more                                E. K.  Portland, OR

Some people don't want to hear about this type of "Psycho Babble" but believe me, I have seen plenty of Brick 'n' Mortar professionals, and EFT helped me more than the combined pills and sessions ever did. It has been an interesting journey, even though many times I didn't want to go there.    Sandy, VA        read more......
I’ve known Pawnee for over 20 years, since long before EFT showed up in her life. She has always been and continues to be one of those rare people who have the gift of seeing through to the truth of situations and of expressing what she sees with a humorous twist that leaves me both smiling and enlightened. She has brought these gifts to her practice of EFT. My EFT sessions with her have been extraordinarily productive.    JP  Taos/Peru.