What is EFT?

It is similar to acupressure, except that you tap or rub easy to identify point while talking about the things that stress/or physically limit you. I think of it as the aspirin for negative emotion.

                 Who does EFT?

Anyone of any profession; doctors, counselors, psychologists, athletes, actors, singers, dancers, lawyers, musicians, coaches, ministers, health-care professionals, corporate human resource professionals, healers and lay people have found whatever job they’re doing can be enhanced, both for themselves and their clients, with EFT.

                What does EFT do?

Generally, it helps create a feeling of being calm and relaxed. Specifically, it has been know to help release long held phobias, fears and emotional pain that appeared to be the cause of actual physical illness. Both chronic and acute pain are often relieved. There are many anecdotal cases of complete relief from common phobias, such as fear of heights, public speaking, spiders, snakes, claustrophobia, fear of water, fear of congested areas i.e. traffic.  Founder, Gary Craig suggests “try it on everything.” And, since it is a painless, non-invasive, easy to learn and easy to use technique, why not?

                When would I use EFT?

Typically EFT helps ease fear, panic, anger and other negative emotions, but also can clear obstacles on the path to self-discovery, and self-healing. It enhances the work of other alternative and even traditional medicine. Performance can be greatly improved when limiting beliefs are neutralized using EFT, resulting in greater confidence and clarity and achievement. Any time one feels stressed, overwhelmed or stuck, EFT can be used to calm, relax, de-stress and gain new perspectives.  The technique can be done in subtle ways and could even be used in the middle of a public speaking engagement. For situations where you need extra help or advice contact an EFT Practitioner.  Most EFT sessions can be done over the phone.

How do I get started with EFT?
Call:  Pawnee Jewell at 276-988-9622 mail4pawnee@gmail.com

        James Dwight Hale  276-345-8180 jaydeehale@gmail.com

     When we stop to consider the possibility that we have never forgotten a harsh word or deed, it is truly daunting.  This can be excess baggage we are carrying around; baggage that is stored, if you will, on our hard drives and accessed periodically when our computers deem it necessary to search our files for similar experiences.  These ‘accesses’ are triggered, by sights, sounds, and stimulus of all types.  We, literally have everything we’ve ever experienced as a sort of poster-board of information from which to draw. Pretty scary when we recognize that quite a lot of this information is not only erroneous, but was posted to the board as the impression of a three, seven, twelve or fifteen-year-old. And/or posted, perhaps, during a time of high stress, fear, anguish, despair or some negative emotional reaction to a real or even perceived experience. But our conscious mind says, "No problem, it’s easy to see that these experiences and feelings are not rational." True. Unfortunately our ‘conscious mind’ is not the part of us that is most often in charge.

  The tapping and energy work is often equated with talk therapy or looked at from a psychological standpoint. While your story might make a thrilling novel, our work together only requires me to help you identify the triggers, then clear, clean, defragment, if you will, and restore your sense of well being. I am not a therapist. In my view we are not so different from our computers. You don’t have to know all about how a computer works to use one or mess one up. But there are some simple tools on the computer you can use to make it work more efficiently. I liken the trip we take together to working on your computer. The journey we take together, or as a group, may be seem therapeutic but you are the therapist.  I’m only going to remind you of things you already know, teach you some tools and believe in you. Like any coach, it is more about helping you get in charge of you, to get your life moving the way you would really like for it to move. And from my standpoint there is nothing wrong with you. I'm not about fixing you. All of us have doubts and fears that keep us from experiencing peace and harmony. And sometimes its only the conflicting beliefs in our operating systems holding us hostage.  We aren’t that different from computers. On a computer, when you get too many programs working, the operating system slows to a crawl. Conflicting programs, temporary files and fragments really slow down the system. While, it's true, the "work" does require some diligent truth seeking, which can sometimes be a bit painful, the results are quick, and empowering in the long run. Its quite simple. You show up and I’ll help you organize, clean and clear out the closets of your energy field and we‘ll gain great peace of mind and confidence in the process. From there we can use those same tools for building, into that cleared space, whatever you desire. If we think of our experience as an expedition searching for personal treasure; then self discovery deepens our personal value and adds richness to life. 
   I hope this helps you understand the process a little better.  I look forward to working with you.  Hugs, Pawnee

People all over the world are using EFT to improve themselves in areas of physical, mental, emotional health; career, school, recovery, relationships, and performance. We even use it on our pets.

Happy Tapping!
It may seem absurd that such an easy to learn, easy to use technique could elicit such remarkable results. And what makes Emotional Freedom Technique even more remarkable is ‘the peeling onion effect’ which makes it a user friendly tool for self-discovery, self-development, empowerment and healing that can be used for a lifetime.